Vrogum Doors

Inward Opening Doors


To meet the needs of today’s consumers, we have developed this door system based on good, stable, Danish craftsman traditions combined with modern technology.

In either modern or classic style, a wide range of combinations are available. The Hasselbakke system offers entrance doors which may be combined with toplights and/or sidelights in one or more units.

Thanks to good craftsman quality, rational manufacturing technology and the application of the best raw material, a functional product with a long life is guaranteed.

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A very solid and robust frame/sash system which enables large openings as well as a huge range of combinations with door, sidelight and toplight in one unit.

For your safety the doors are delivered with safety fittings and, like windows, we can deliver doors in any colour, size and design.

Outward Opening Doors


Danish traditional crafted doors that are available in a modern or classic style making the design process endless.

The Hasslebro entrance door can be combined with Top Lights and or Side Lights in one or more units. All doors are delivered with high insulation low E Glazing.

The Hasslebro door can be used in conjunction with Vrogums Rosenholm window range.

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To live up to the high insulation demands of today, Vrogum has developed this high insulating outward opening door with triple glazing

The door can be delivered with glass that has a low Ug value of only 0.5

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Lift & Slide Doors


Birkholm is a Vrogum’s lift and slide doors unique system easily integrates your garden, balcony or surrounding areas with your home.

The high quality hardware system enables a unique sliding function in which one door leaf slides behind a fixed section. This way the door sections takes up no space and give an entirelly open view.

The sliding door is delivered as a 2, 3 or 4 leaf door.

The door comes with a external Aluminium threshold which makes the door extremely durable to the most exposed environments.

3 point lock espagnolette locking system provides extra security.

Sliding Folding Doors


Kolsterdal will enable you to experience outside inside living by opening entire rooms to your garden or terrace.

The entire doors slide inwards upon itself in a concertina effect occupying a minimum amount of space while giving you maximum open views.